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Chapel inside of Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center, Camden, NJ

Here is another unique scaffolding job.  It just goes to show you that when you think you’ve seen it all – think again.  Here is a chapel inside of a hospital, and not just any hospital, mind you.  This is in the heart of Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center, Camden, New Jersey.

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And what makes this even cooler is that the altar literally sits directly below the statue of the
blessed Mother.  It’s 6 floors beneath the giant statue but it’s very close to being directly beneath
her; pretty darn cool if you ask me.  And you remember the Superior blog about
saving Our Lady of Lourdes?   Well, this is the same place.

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Except this time, it wasn’t quite a pressing emergency as after the earthquake.
But the earthquake certainly might have exacerbated the damage.

Superior Scaffold was called to erect a scaffold around the altar so repair crews
(Brandywine Historic Services) could get to the crumbling plaster on the ceiling.

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The challenge here was that the church had to remain open for daily services.
So, Superior Scaffold master, Pat McAndrew devised a way to use 10’ horizontal trusses
to span the altar so the good father could conduct mass.  They also used foam insulation
under the jacks to protect the vintage marble floor.

After starting work the repair crews discovered more damage and called Superior back to
enlarge the scaffold to reach the affected areas.

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The chapel gets to remain open (business as usual) and the repair crews get access to the ceiling.
It’s a win win for everyone involved.

From the Lady of Lourdes Hospital web site:

The Chapel is always open for patients, visitors and associates. Visible upon entrance to the main lobby, the hospital Chapel is at the very heart of the Medical Center. It is a place of scripture, worship and prayer from which comfort, grace and blessing flow into the halls and rooms of Lourdes. Mass is held daily at Noon. Special schedules for holidays are posted outside the chapel.


Turnaround crews work to revitalize Trainer, PA refinery for Delta Airlines and Monroe Energy.

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Superior Scaffold is proud to be working with Monroe Energy (a Delta Airlines subsidiary) in an innovative move designed to cut jet fuel costs to the airlines by $300 million.

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Crews are revitalizing and renovating the once shuttered Conoco/Phillips refinery in preparation for the restart of fuel production in September.  Monroe is spending $100 million to modify and convert the refinery to produce jet fuel (with an estimated output of 52,000 pdp.

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Monroe Energy closed on the $180 Million purchase deal from on July 22nd and 3 days later Superior had turnaround crews onsite (which is a maintenance procedure basically restoring, optimizing and checking the integrity of the facility and its operations).

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In the end, Delta hopes the deal will lower its fuel costs, which reached nearly $12 billion last year, the largest expenditure on its balance sheet, while also putting 400 people back to work.

In its day, the old refinery, located on the Delaware River in Trainer, PA about 10 miles southwest of downtown Philadelphia, had a crude oil processing capacity of 185,000 barrels per day and processed mainly light, low-sulfur crude oil.