‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky – Scaffolding the New Dover High School Auditorium

Jimi Hendrix might have been thinking of other things when he wrote those lyrics but if he was around today in the new Dover High School auditorium (Dover, DE) he’d be singing about Superior Scaffold’s ability to get crews up to the ceilings of very tall structures, just like this state-of-the-art hall.

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And that’s just what we did on this very cool job.  Crews needed a way to get to very top of the new auditorium so Superior devised a system scaffold platform that was able to span the entire length and width of the space from the stage across the sloping floor all the way to the back.

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System towers were built and then spanned with 14 foot horizontal trusses.  The entire surface was covered in plywood making a dance floor-like surface for crews and their equipment to gain easy access to those hard to reach spaces.  What’s great about these photos is that they are 30′ in the air – but the super steady platform makes it look like they are sitting on the ground.

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It’s a 2 phase process.  The first phase was designed to get crews to the ceiling for mechanicals, electric, etc.  Then phase 2 will drop the entire platform down 16 feet so they can install a special suspended material.


You can see the sheer size of the area to “kiss the sky” so to speak.   Who knows, maybe Jimi Hendrix would have even played here…
(rendering courtesy of http://www.ediscompany.com)

This is all part of the $114 million new high school being built on a 100 acre site just west of Dover along Rt. 8.  The school will be home to 1,800 students.  It’s slated to open in September 2014.


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When you have a very special building that requires some high flying expertise – call Superior Scaffold – “We’ll get you – up aire,” says Superior estimator, Pat McAndrew.

Call (215) 743-2200 today.


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