Turnaround crews work to revitalize Trainer, PA refinery for Delta Airlines and Monroe Energy.

Scaffold, scaffolding, rentals, sales, service, (215) 743-2200, Philadelphia, NJ, DE, NYC   Scaffold, scaffolding, rentals, sales, service, (215) 743-2200, Philadelphia, NJ, DE, NYC

Superior Scaffold is proud to be working with Monroe Energy (a Delta Airlines subsidiary) in an innovative move designed to cut jet fuel costs to the airlines by $300 million.

Scaffold, scaffolding, PA, Philly, Philadelphia, Rentals, Rental, Superior Scaffold, (215) 743-2200

Crews are revitalizing and renovating the once shuttered Conoco/Phillips refinery in preparation for the restart of fuel production in September.  Monroe is spending $100 million to modify and convert the refinery to produce jet fuel (with an estimated output of 52,000 pdp.

Superior Scaffold (215)743-2200, Scaffold, Scaffolding, Rental, Rentals, PA, Philly, Philadelphia, NJ, DE, NYC

Monroe Energy closed on the $180 Million purchase deal from on July 22nd and 3 days later Superior had turnaround crews onsite (which is a maintenance procedure basically restoring, optimizing and checking the integrity of the facility and its operations).

Superior Scaffold (215) 743-2200, Scaffolding, Sales, Service, REntal, PA, Philadelphia, DE, NJ, NYC  Superior Scaffold (215) 743-2200, Rentals, sales, service, PA, Philadelphia, NJ, DE, NYC

In the end, Delta hopes the deal will lower its fuel costs, which reached nearly $12 billion last year, the largest expenditure on its balance sheet, while also putting 400 people back to work.

In its day, the old refinery, located on the Delaware River in Trainer, PA about 10 miles southwest of downtown Philadelphia, had a crude oil processing capacity of 185,000 barrels per day and processed mainly light, low-sulfur crude oil.


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